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Mental Health Counselling

We offer FREE Online Mental Health Counselling. This counselling is designed for people who do not have benefits and cannot afford traditional counselling fees, or the waitlist is too long and the individual feels the need to speak to someone sooner than later. 

*Disclaimer* If someone is in crisis, please contact the Mobile Crisis Unit 306-933-6200


Our Counsellor is available to meet online Monday - Friday during the allotted time through our online booking system. You can check her booking link for hours. 


*Appointments must be booked 48 hours ahead of time. 

Queenie Head shot.jpg

Meet Our Counsellor

We would like to welcome back Queenie Celestino Navarro from her maternity leave. She is a registered social worker and  obtained her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Regina in 2012. Since Queenie graduated with her BSW, she has gained valuable work experience with the Government of Alberta and  Cosmopolitan Industries. As well as other organizations within the disability sector. Queenie's areas of focus include: mental health, family trauma, and self-improvement. She works with a strengths based and solution focused approach. She works with all demographics of individuals and focuses on creating a safe space for all her clients.

Please feel free to book an appointment with her! 

Queenie Celestino Navarro

We are able to provide Free Mental Health Counselling again this year after receiving a donations at the end of November from a group called Local Companies that Care.

Thank you for making this service possible!

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