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Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

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What is the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program?

The EDP is open to any aspiring or emerging entrepreneur with a self-declared disability, mental health barrier, or long-term health condition. We offer access to the tools, services, and one-one support that you might need to overcome the unique barriers you might face on your journey to self-employment.

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

How can we help you?

We help entrepreneurs in a couple ways:

Small business loans, up to $5,000

We’ll set the terms that work for you, together.

Business plan guidance

We’ll help you build a great plan through one on one counselling.

Peer support and networks

We’ll connect you to a community of entrepreneurs that understand where you’re coming from.

Advice and counselling

We’ll work with you for the long-haul, helping you get your business off the ground.

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Who is eligible?

The program is open to anybody with a disability that’s going into business for themselves. Access to certain loans and funding is a bit more specific.

We give Small Business Loans to help you get started.

  • They go up to $5,000, with terms that work for you.

  • They’re here so that you can start, or expand, your business.

  • Use them to upgrade your technology, marketing, facilities, or services.


To be eligible for a Small Business Loan you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have a self-declared disability, or long term health condition.

  • You’re aged 18, or older.

  • You are a Canadian citizen.

  • You are currently operating a registered business in Saskatoon.

At NSILC, loan criteria are lower than most banks, but we need to have to have a reasonable expectation that the loan will be paid back based on three things:

  • Credit history

  • Debt-to-income ratio

  • Capacity to repay


If the applicant has a history of credit issues, they need to present a workable plan to address them.

​The process to apply for a small business loan is simple.

  1. ​First, make sure that you’re eligible. The main requirement is that your business is operating in Saskatoon.

  2. Then, meet with us to develop, or review, your business plan.

  3. Finally, we’ll send your completed business plan to the loan committee for review.

Smal Businss Loans

We provide Training - so that you have the confidence to take the next step

  • All of our training is either free or low-cost.

  • Our doors are open! Most learning opportunities are available for our clients and members of the community.

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all training is currently online.

Training & Workshops
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We provide Community – so that you can meet other entrepreneurs, keep up with business trends, and find opportunities.


We offer free Advice and Business Counselling - We will support you through every step of growing your business. Access to our services are unlimited. For more information or to book an appointment contact

Advce & Counsellig
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